VA Benefits & Headache Claims: Why You Should Keep A Headache Log

When trying to get service connection for migraine (or tension/occipital/cervicogenic/post-concussive) headaches, a headache log is one of the most important pieces of evidence a veteran can provide to show the severity of his or her condition. A headache log is a chronological record of all the headache incidents one experiences over a period of time. We recommend that most veterans keep a headache log for at least three months before they consider submitting it to the VA as evidence. 

These logs can be kept in any format, but Excel, handwritten list, and calendar formats are typically the easiest for the VA to evaluate. In this log, the veteran should take note of the day the headache occurred, how long the headache lasted, whether it was incapacitating (and for how long), and how painful the headache was on a scale of one to ten. Additional information the veteran can include is what type of mitigation technique was used, such as lying down in a dark quiet room, and if he or she experienced any vomiting or nausea along with the headache. Any medications taken to mitigate the pain can also be listed. 

An example of a headache log can be seen below:

Date & TimeDuration
Amount of time incapacitated
Pain Level
1 PM
10 AM
6 AM
12 PM
8 AM

Headache logs are helpful for a veteran’s VA claim because they provide excellent lay evidence to the VA showing the severity of one’s headache condition. Providing the VA with a comprehensive log of headache incidents can demonstrate how the veteran’s headaches affect his or her daily life, particularly if he or she suffers from prolonged incapacitating attacks. Additionally, providing this type of log to one’s doctor can help him or her develop a more accurate treatment plan and prescribe the medications he or she thinks are most likely to help the veteran mitigate the pain caused by this condition. On top of that, having a detailed headache log can help the veteran find possible triggers for his or her headaches based on what date and time the headache occurred, thus helping him or her know what activities should be avoided.

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