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KC and his staff just know what evidence is needed and how to prove it for your claim. 

KC and Co from The Veterans Law Office are the best

My name is Gary. I Arrived in Nam North of Danang after going thru training in Parris Island and Camp Lejeune. A few guys were telling stories about how much of their whole platoons got wiped out. It was a little while after the tet offensive started in Jan. 1968. I was scared sh**less to start with. I had just found out one of my friends in high school had just got blown away.

Fast forward to 2013 when I finally filed for PTSD at the VA. Got turned down. Then I had to file an appeal with the VA claims office. They gave me the “stressor” cuz we got hit with 122mm rockets and mortars but said I didnt have enough proof that was the cause of my PTSD. The DAV tried to help but my appeal wasnt going anywhere.

Finally someone told me u have to get a good attorney. One wouldn’t even take my case.  Then i found KC Kowren, Susan and the rest of their great staff online to help me. At first I said to myself why is it taking so long? See with my PTSD it’s hard for me to trust anyone. I went to the DAV and they explained there was a long backlog of cases and it takes a long time.

KC and his staff hooked me up with a good clinical psychologist and also other experts to help with all the evidence that was  needed to prove my PTSD. KC and his staff just know what evidence is needed and how to prove it for your claim.

When I received  my 70% disability and back pay I couldnt believe it!!! Wow I said to myself “This is gonna change my life”!!! Thanks again to KC Kowren, Susan, and the rest of the staff. You guys are the best!!!

– Gary V.

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