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Absolutely, positively the best choice we ever made was to turn over my husband’s VA claim to the team at The Veterans Law Office. It was difficult to get consistent help (and accurate information) working with the local military service organizations. Nothing but stress and denial of claims for my veteran hubby dealing with the VA for his service connected, Agent Orange disability benefits for years from 2011 to 2017 – continuing to fight the VA for disability benefits was taking a toll on his health.
That’s when we turned it all over to Casey and his legal team — and we are blessed with the life changing results. Their legal team helped put together his appeals, and represented him at hearings; they saw it through until the VA finally approved his claim. Now his VA claim benefits help to pay for his continuing medical care and improve his quality of life. We recommend to every vet fighting for their benefits – Don’t hesitate to contact this legal team.

– Gerry Y.

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