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A lot of heartfelt gratitude towards the the team at The Veterans Law Office.

I have a lot of heartfelt gratitude towards the the team at Veterans Law Office. I almost gave up, I had tried to on my own but could not navigate the process. After filing the initial claim I was not following through with the claim. If not for Mr. Kowren calling me(that is how much they care) then my claim would have expired, and it would have been my fault.
Follow through and working the process is a big part of the claim and Mr Kowren and his team are your best ally for that purpose. I am so grateful that Mr. Kowren followed up and got me back on the process. The Team at Veterans Law office was so understanding and kept me in the lane. They were able to increase my Service connection from 40% to 70% then were able to get TDIU at 100% rate. This is so important because it gives me purpose and provides me the ability to contribute to my family’s needs and the opportunity to work on myself and others.
For the first time in a very long time I truly felt like someone understood me. My wife and I are so grateful to Mr. Kowren and his team. They’re the best!!!!!

– Ronald D.

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