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I am disabled US Army Infantryman. I initially received a 90 percent disability rating from the VA in 2010. Due to being unemployed for eight years, the DAV advised me to file for Total Disability Individual Unemployability claim (“TDIU”) in 2018. The DAV filed a TDIU claim on my behalf, however, the Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) independently and without reason decided to lower my rating by combining (pyramided) my TBI & PTSD rating.

I was obviously confused about why the VA decided to combine both ratings despite having over whelming evidence to prove the aforementioned disabilities did not improve from 2010 to 2019. At that point, I decided to hire real legal representation.

I searched the internet to find VA law firms with the best client reviews. I chose the top two law firms with the most client reviews. Both firms tried to convince me that it was nothing I can do about my rating being combined and my case was “too complex,” for them to represent me at this time.

I was shocked and came to the realization that no true legal advocacy for veterans existed. My spouse reached out to attorney Kenneth C. Kowren from the Veterans Law Group.

Mr. Kowren, assured me that my case wasn’t “too complex” and he would love the opportunity to represent me and was up for the challenge. If I had a question or concern, I emailed or left a message with Mr. Kowren and I would receive a response within 24hrs or earlier.

The entire staff at the Veterans Law Office treated me like family. For instance, Mr. Kowren, would periodically check on me throughout the COVID pandemic despite the court system being closed.

Due to Mr. Kowren’s zealous representation, today, the BVA just granted my TDIU claim resulting in a significant retroactive lump-sum payment. Most law firms would stop at this point. Not, Mr. Kowren, and the Veterans Law Office. They immediately filed an appeal on my behalf to correct my combined TBI and PTSD rating.

Please note, I never asked for them to do this. However, this is the type of legal representation you receive choosing the Veterans Law Office. A law firm that will fight for you and will not cower because your VA claim is considered “too complex.”

– Rahkeem G.

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